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"We are two mothers who want our children to know what childhood was like. Before Nintendos, before computers. Before fear of freedom. What it was like for us, and for our mothers, and their mothers. We want them to know adventure, to know play, to know the world. And not the controlled, organised world that modern mothers seem to think they are tied to, but the real, natural world that is here on our doorstep. Come and join us on an adventure in childhood."

Ciara & LĂ­osa

Grass Houses.

I have such memories of hot summer days spent making grass houses with my friends. The big green spaces around where we lived would be cut a couple of times over the summer and we'd be out like a shot to gather as much grass as possible and then set about making mansions for ourselves, complete with en suite bathrooms, walk-in wardrobes and every luxury we could think of.

I was very surprised to realise my kids had never made one. So we waited a day or two for the clippings to dry out a bit and then got to work.

There was no competition between them, and everyone helped build the same house. Funny, it struck me that we always did that too. No discussion about it, just set to work.

I love how they wanted to decorate their 'bedrooms' with flowers, leave etc.

The whole project consumed them for over an hour which really surprised me. I thought my childish memory made it seem longer but obviously not!


stacy said...

Boy did I miss out, I never made grass houses. This sounds awesome

Patrick's-Well said...

Down around the farmyard in Clara long ago we (my cousin and I) used selected bits of brick, stones, sticks and straw for our play houses, as the possibility of scooping up cow poo reduced the grass options somewhat.

Lisa Conmara said...

Speaking to my grandparents recently about their childhood I discovered this was not unique to our generation Ciara, except Queenie and her little friends made houses with the dust from the roads, she said sometimes the boys would tear by and ruin the new parlour or fancy pantry and there would be tears! Granddad said the boys equivalent was 'boat races' which involved drawing a boat shape in the dust and then rowing like hell, the winner was the last to collapse!!!

Ciara said...

Oh, I love hearing all these stories and memories! Thanks everyone, and keep them coming!

Emma said...

Wow yeah, I remember grass houses. We used to do it in the field down the road, and I also remember building huge hay ones in the field across the road when it was still the Brothers' farm.