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"We are two mothers who want our children to know what childhood was like. Before Nintendos, before computers. Before fear of freedom. What it was like for us, and for our mothers, and their mothers. We want them to know adventure, to know play, to know the world. And not the controlled, organised world that modern mothers seem to think they are tied to, but the real, natural world that is here on our doorstep. Come and join us on an adventure in childhood."

Ciara & LĂ­osa

Nine Mice

Nine mice on tiny tricycles
went riding on the ice,
they rode in spite of warning signs,
they rode despite advice.
The signs were right, the ice was thin,
in half a trice, the mice fell in,
and from their chins down to their toes,
thsoe mice entirely froze.
Nine mindless mice, who paid the price,
are thawing slowly by the ice,
still sitting on their tricycles
...nine white and shiny MICICLES!!

(c) Jack Prelutsky

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MamaShift said...

For some reason I hadn't come here before. I love Prelutsky! What a beautiful idea for a blog.