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"We are two mothers who want our children to know what childhood was like. Before Nintendos, before computers. Before fear of freedom. What it was like for us, and for our mothers, and their mothers. We want them to know adventure, to know play, to know the world. And not the controlled, organised world that modern mothers seem to think they are tied to, but the real, natural world that is here on our doorstep. Come and join us on an adventure in childhood."

Ciara & LĂ­osa

Grass Fight!

We have a birthday the first week of May and it almost always coincides with the first grass cutting of the year. Cue a boisterous grass fight.

It's so tempting to be clean and tidy with your clippings, but what is more fun than tearing around the garden in that first flush of summer, flinging freshly cut grass into the air, at your brother, and even at your Dad!

As the sun sets over the mountains, and the air starts to cool, it's time to finish up and go inside to a warm bubbly bath, before tired heads hit the pillow.


Patrick's-Well said...

Looks like great fun was had by all.

Feadha said...

Looks like Ru and Ed had great fun