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"We are two mothers who want our children to know what childhood was like. Before Nintendos, before computers. Before fear of freedom. What it was like for us, and for our mothers, and their mothers. We want them to know adventure, to know play, to know the world. And not the controlled, organised world that modern mothers seem to think they are tied to, but the real, natural world that is here on our doorstep. Come and join us on an adventure in childhood."

Ciara & LĂ­osa

Easter Fun.

Let's start off with some Easter fun. This is something that is perfect for those rainy spring days when everyone is climbing the walls. Or. Just for the fun of it! Make sure you invite some friends over and pool your resources. All you need is as follows:

Enough eggs to go round. I would suggest more than one each, as these are so quick to do everyone wants to do more than one, I find. Pipe cleaners, a pin, a toothpick, and some paint. We use a variety of whatever's in the cupboard, but, we LOVE the metallic paint that the Early Learning Centre do. It gives the finished egg a gorgeous lustre, and the paint doesn't get mucky when it gets mixed up.

So, first, pierce the egg with a pin, both ends. Push in your toothpick and jiggle it about to break up the yolk. Then BLOW the insides out into a bowl. This gets lots of laughs let me tell you!

The next bit is tricky, but using pipecleaners makes it a bit easier. Push it straight through from one end to the other. Bend up the bottom bit so it doesn't slip out.

Then get painting! The pipecleaner is also good for holding the egg while you paint.

Then bend the other end of the pipecleaner and hang them up somewhere safe to dry.

These eggs here have been given a first layer. You can then go back and give them more detail or colours when they dry. Just make sure you do light colours first! We also used some cute stickers which we got in an egg painting kit. They'll be peeled off after the second colour goes on.

An Easter Tree is a gorgeous way to display your creations, and any other lovely finds you pick up. Over the years it is nice to build up a collection of eggs to take out each year. The blown eggs are very delicate, and I would recommend an egg box for storage.

And I also recommend a yummy omlette for tea to use up all those eggs!

Posted by Ciara.


Daisy Chain said...

Thats looks like great fun, beats watching the telly all day.

Patrick's-Well said...

That looks great.
Must outline a few of the 'toys' that we used make in pre-tv days.

In the present. said...

Also did this for Easter celebrations ...suggestion for next year try tie half a matchstick to piece of thread ,push in gently and it will turn and hey presto egg held by thread. Our efforts here!! three girls 6, 4, 15months!


In the present. said...

Also meant to say looking forward to trying to make some butter...great idea. Will be checking in for more ideas...keep it up!