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"We are two mothers who want our children to know what childhood was like. Before Nintendos, before computers. Before fear of freedom. What it was like for us, and for our mothers, and their mothers. We want them to know adventure, to know play, to know the world. And not the controlled, organised world that modern mothers seem to think they are tied to, but the real, natural world that is here on our doorstep. Come and join us on an adventure in childhood."

Ciara & LĂ­osa

One Two Three Do You Want To Play With Me?

Also known as 'GRANNY'S FOOTSTEPS'.

This is one of those games to play anywhere, at the drop of a hat, when you're out and about and you don't have any props. It can be played with any number of children and is one of those that is as much fun with three as with ten.

How To Play:

Choose a player to be Grandmother and then the rest of the children stand in a line a few metres behind her/him.

Granny turns her back and says quietly to his/herself 'One two three do you want to play with me'? While behind her the others have to make their way to her as quickly and quietly as possible.

Granny can turn around at any moment, although the rhyme gives the other players enough time to get moving, and when she does the players must freeze. Anyone caught moving must go back to the beginning.

The first player to reach Granny then becomes Granny for the next round.

A game like this is great for filling time or lightening the mood or just when a good run around is required!


marta said...

oh... I want to play!

Ciara said...

We will always, always associate this game with you, dear one!